phi [Φ]

The Greek letter Φ [Phi] stands for the divine proportions, the golden ratio 1.618. The golden ratio is found in nature and has been applied in various fields in life from antiquity to the present. The presence of the golden ratio creates a sense of balance, harmony and beauty. Our laboratory [lab] is inspired by the golden ratio in order to create efficacious, quality and safe formulations.


Philab’s mission is to create the most effective and high quality skin care products, without limiting the formulation cost, using the most efficacious and innovative active ingredients from around the world.

Our three principles

In order to pursue its mission Philab bases the development of its products on three principles:

1. Efficacy

2. Quality

3. Safety

1. Efficacy

The efficacy of Philab products is due to the following three reasons:

1. use of active ingredients with clinical studies which prove their efficacy

2. use of clinically active ingredients in all Philab products strictly in the concentration of their clinical studies

3. use of high number of clinically active ingredients in each Philab product, rendering them multi-functional and most effective.

2. Quality

Each Philab product is formulated with the most advanced and innovative active ingredients which come from leading laboratoriew from all over the world. These laboratories study ageing process and create state of the art active ingredients with the aim of treating all signs of ageing.

Many of the active ingredients which are uded in Philab products are based on studies that received Noble Prizes in Medicine and Chemistry, and have received many international awards, such as:

  • European Cosmetics Innovation Prize
  • Swiss Technology Award
  • Health & Beauty America Technology Awar
  • Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award

Philab products are produced in Greece in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

3. Safety

Philab, in order to guarantee the maximum level of safety in its products, excludes preservative systems with parabens from all its formulations and raw materials.

Additionally, Philab products are free of mineral oil derivatives (i.e paraffin, petrolatum, etc.), propylene glycol, animal derivatives, allergen fragrances and synthetic colorants. All Philab products undergo safety assessment with strict dermatological and microbiological tests, in accordance with the European legislation currently in force.

Special attention has been paid to the appropriate packaging of Philab products which are all packed in special violet glass containers. This special violet glass works like a natural filter that blocks the harmful sunlight and lets only the part of sunlight that protects and preserves the quality of Philab’s premium and sensitive ingredients.

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